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EchoTale Frisk by SomeFreeSpirits EchoTale Frisk :iconsomefreespirits:SomeFreeSpirits 8 3 Bae~ by SomeFreeSpirits Bae~ :iconsomefreespirits:SomeFreeSpirits 11 0 Purple~ by SomeFreeSpirits Purple~ :iconsomefreespirits:SomeFreeSpirits 14 2 HeartlessTale Page 1 by SomeFreeSpirits HeartlessTale Page 1 :iconsomefreespirits:SomeFreeSpirits 21 6 What is this sorcery? by SomeFreeSpirits What is this sorcery? :iconsomefreespirits:SomeFreeSpirits 0 3 Heartless screen by SomeFreeSpirits Heartless screen :iconsomefreespirits:SomeFreeSpirits 9 6 Contest entry Audrey by SomeFreeSpirits Contest entry Audrey :iconsomefreespirits:SomeFreeSpirits 12 2 Contest entry #3 by SomeFreeSpirits Contest entry #3 :iconsomefreespirits:SomeFreeSpirits 5 2 Contest entry #2 by SomeFreeSpirits Contest entry #2 :iconsomefreespirits:SomeFreeSpirits 5 0 Contest entry #1 by SomeFreeSpirits Contest entry #1 :iconsomefreespirits:SomeFreeSpirits 6 0 EchoFell!G Sans by SomeFreeSpirits EchoFell!G Sans :iconsomefreespirits:SomeFreeSpirits 14 5 Edgy Heather Sans CHIBI by SomeFreeSpirits Edgy Heather Sans CHIBI :iconsomefreespirits:SomeFreeSpirits 10 3 UnderFell!Sans by SomeFreeSpirits UnderFell!Sans :iconsomefreespirits:SomeFreeSpirits 11 9 Syntax!Sans by SomeFreeSpirits Syntax!Sans :iconsomefreespirits:SomeFreeSpirits 7 1 Blue Rose by SomeFreeSpirits Blue Rose :iconsomefreespirits:SomeFreeSpirits 2 0 XLadymalice gift by SomeFreeSpirits XLadymalice gift :iconsomefreespirits:SomeFreeSpirits 7 2
ALRIGHT! so all my deviations will appear here if you didn't understand already! enjoy!


Happy Valentine's  by LovelyArtist1234 Happy Valentine's :iconlovelyartist1234:LovelyArtist1234 5 0 Flower fell sans  by LovelyArtist1234 Flower fell sans :iconlovelyartist1234:LovelyArtist1234 21 1 He ded by LovelyArtist1234 He ded :iconlovelyartist1234:LovelyArtist1234 13 0 Chara in a costume.. thing by LovelyArtist1234 Chara in a costume.. thing :iconlovelyartist1234:LovelyArtist1234 6 1 Neko sans  by LovelyArtist1234 Neko sans :iconlovelyartist1234:LovelyArtist1234 11 0 Sans angel by LovelyArtist1234 Sans angel :iconlovelyartist1234:LovelyArtist1234 10 0 Angel mark by LovelyArtist1234 Angel mark :iconlovelyartist1234:LovelyArtist1234 11 2 Papyrus as reaper  by LovelyArtist1234 Papyrus as reaper :iconlovelyartist1234:LovelyArtist1234 8 0 A toy for war.... by LovelyArtist1234 A toy for war.... :iconlovelyartist1234:LovelyArtist1234 21 0 Fancy chara by LovelyArtist1234 Fancy chara :iconlovelyartist1234:LovelyArtist1234 10 1 Chara by LovelyArtist1234 Chara :iconlovelyartist1234:LovelyArtist1234 22 3 Sans!! by LovelyArtist1234 Sans!! :iconlovelyartist1234:LovelyArtist1234 15 1 Sans by LovelyArtist1234 Sans :iconlovelyartist1234:LovelyArtist1234 26 0 Chara  by LovelyArtist1234 Chara :iconlovelyartist1234:LovelyArtist1234 18 0 Undertale: Want to dance?  by LovelyArtist1234 Undertale: Want to dance? :iconlovelyartist1234:LovelyArtist1234 17 0 Tiny gifts by DarkenedGreen Tiny gifts :icondarkenedgreen:DarkenedGreen 13 2


Chibies :3
basically chibies yeah they'll be finished and fully shaded and such ^^ (no background unless asked for and that you ask me specifically what you want)
Complicated background+
Complicated backgrounds are 10 points also cuz they are often long to make but luckily they are worth it ^^
Additional character+
I'm putting this one as an example, each additional character is 10 points, if there's a lot of details, it's 5 more points.
full drawing
those are the drawings that cost the most but you know those are the drawing that takes the more time to make c;
line art with colors
a lot more difficult example but this could work out too

product may vary
Line Art
line art is long to make but they are cheap! when you commission for this the background will be transparent so that you can color ^^
sketches with no lineart, you have to do the rest yourself (this one is the example it's not actually a done sketch but if you buy one it will be complete) if it's color 5 more points

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
One does not simply die, it blooms into something even more beautiful than it already was~

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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PageDolls by my amazing sweetheart ChaoticallyDreams

My finally finished website woooo:


My names SomeFreeSpirits! and welcome to my DeviantArt page! everything you need to know is down here! Hope you like my pagggeee!!!

my icon was made by: me!

my DA ID picture was made by : me again GX




AO3 (Archive Of Our Own):…


Mah matee circlleeee: :iconnommyshark: (gdi you XDD), :icondarkenedgreen: c;, :iconchaoticallydreams:~, :iconthe-realhorrorshow: pffft 'sup? XDD and one of my bestie :icondddraconia: :D

Things about me:
- I have a boyfriend <3
- I'm 14
- I have been drawing ever since I could old a pencil :3
- My favourite colors are black,purple and red
- I love animals :3
- Ask me about anything, I'm kind and I don't bite c;
- I'm fandom trash

Hope to see you soon!

Art status:
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


EchoTale Frisk
I spent 3 god damn days on this master piece love me please-
submiting this sketch for the purple part of the flag
the spirit part x3
happy pride!!!
HeartlessTale Page 1


HeartlessTale belongs to me you have no right to dub or translate any of it unless you you got my permission

HeartlessTale is an UnderTale AU where Chara takes control of Sans and basically breaks his mind

Hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

Part 1 (you’re here!)

Part 2 (soon)

Tagged By :icon88death8the8kid88:
-Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged 
-Write 13 things about yourself
~Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.~
-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged 
-Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
-It is forbidden not to tag anyone.

13 Things About Me:

1- I'm a pretty mature woman XD
2- I love roleplays :3
3- I'm bisexual and taken lmao :P
4- Almost at half my years of highschool why is it taking so longgg I want to go to cegep and universityyyyyy *cri*
5- My favourite colours are black and Purple mainly :3
6- I'm a lot more active on wattpad and Tumblr these days
7- I improved a lot in drawing since the beginning of the year either if it's digital or traditional drawings
8- I made a lot of great friends this year ^^
9- I have to admit I miss some of my old ones that I kinda lost touch with :/
10- I'm a LOT more lazy XD
11- I'm a really high tolerant sugar addict XD
12- my girlfriend is my top priority and my bestie my second but I love everyone still <3
13- I'm a tall ass gothic biche wanna be my fwiend? XDDD

The Questions I Want To Ask:
1- do you like roleplays? :3
2- what about cosplays?
3- what's your hobby?
4- do you have a job?
5- ya like anybody m8? 
6- Any dreams for the futur?
7- do you have your own story? if yes can you explain this universe or story?
8- who are your best friends?
9- do you have someone you're so close to that you consider them your sister/brother?
10- what are you doing right at the moment? (beside answering this tag XD)
11- what's on your left?
12- what's on your walls?
13- favourite food? :P

The Questions I was asked:

1. When did you join Deviantart?
aout a year ago :3
2. What's your favourite genre of music?
alternative rock :3
3. Do you have a favourite video game? If so, what is it?
does Undertale Count? I also have bendy and the ink machine and a lot more :3
4. Would you say you are easily forgiving or are you the kind of person to hold a grudge for a long, long time?
both depending on the case
5. How do you view the world? Do you try to stay optimistic or do you think the Earth is a pretty shitty place?
again, depending on the case
6. What do you do in your down time to cheer yourself up?
I talk with people I love, I read and I listen to music and I DRAW A WHOLE FUCKING LOT XDD
7. Do you have a favourite band/singer?
too much to name xD
8. Do you want to have a bad time? 
9. Is there anywhere you would like to visit other than the country you currently live in?
depends what you mean by country XD I want to go see my girlfriend in Saskatchewan but I also want to go in England and Germany soooo baddddddd
10. Do you like spiders?
I like Muffet and tini tiny spidies but don't name me big spiders imma freak out XD
11. Do you watch anime?
12. If you do watch anime, what anime that you have watched is your favourite?
well I really like Magi, Servamp, Seraph of The end, the devil is a part timer and blue exorcist :3
13. What is love? (HAH! REFERENCES) 
Level of violence duh everyone knows that

:icondddraconia: :iconfelltrap: :iconxxnephelexx: :iconmickaelandme: :iconsmolkittyxoxo: :icondarkenedgreen: :iconnommyshark: (been a while I talked with you m8 omg sowwy shurtleee ;^;.) :iconcastel-eown: (Cas pls notice meehhhhhh XD) :iconchaoticallydreams: :icontheenumberfour: :iconsmilecentaur: :iconanimallover662: :iconackrowsiyanosis: (WOO I DID IT 13 TAGGS XDD)



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